The UNE Badging program is a non-credit bearing vehicle that digitally validates and documents knowledge, skill sets, qualifications, and competencies. 

The UNE Sustainability Leadership Badge is designed to provide recognition of co-curricular, experiential learning, and leadership competencies demonstrated by students in fostering campus sustainability projects and habits of mind.  This badge provides recognition of the advocacy and leadership efforts of learners who have a passion for environmental stewardship. 

For more information on earning this badge contact Alethea Cariddi, Assistant Director of Sustainabilty,


Learners who earn this badge will have demonstrated their ability to:

  • Engage stakeholders and build collaborative teams to further campus sustainability initiatives.
  • Solve complex problems by analyzing current practices, determining benefits of and barriers to sustainable alternatives.
  • Advocate for environmentally responsible practices by creating and communicating inspiring messages.
  • Analyze and reflect on their own demonstration of sustainable choices and their leadership impact on the UNE community.

Citation for reflection prompts for competencies #1 and #4:

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