Analyze and reflect on their own demonstration of sustainable choices and their leadership impact on the UNE community.

Learning Activity

  • Students will complete final reflection prompts and create an electronic portfolio detailing their sustainability leadership journey.

Reflection Prompts

  • Please describe how you demonstrated initiative, commitment, and continued active engagement in environmental stewardship and sustainability efforts. *
  • Reflect on your learning by providing insights into your expanded knowledge, development, and enhanced skills you gained through your active engagement in environmental stewardship and sustainability experiences. *
  • Please reflect on how you attained your learning goals, how you applied your learning, and the impact of your work on the community. *
  • What do you consider to be the benefits of earning this badge for your personal choices, citizenship and future career? *

Method of Assessment

Electronic portfolio will summarize competencies 1-4 and include:

  • Summarized reflections
  • EC project initiation form (with or without rubric)
  • Examples of communication strategies (multi-modal required)