Congratulations to the following students who have earned the Sustainability Leadership Badge!

Alaina Duchin earned her Sustainability Leadership Badge in June, 2020. Alaina graduated in December 2020 from the UNE Nutrition Program. She was an Eco-Rep in the Sustainability Office for four years and was a huge asset to the team with her work on social media and promotion for the office and sustainability events. Alaina shared a reflection on her experiences:

I am thankful for the opportunities that being an Eco-Rep has given me. When I first came to UNE, I was looking for a workstudy position that I would enjoy. I came across the Eco-Rep position not knowing much about what it would entail, but it has ended up being an excellent supplemental education to may main curriculum as a Nutrition major and Writing minor. I have learned valuable skills revolving around sustainability such as how to recycle properly, how to compost, how to maintain a living wall, and other skills on how to best care for the environment through talking with professors and students in the environmental field, going to meetings and events, and doing my own research for our blog and social media. But other than these skills, I have learned how to work with a team, take notes at important meetings, share my ideas, and come up with solutions to make our department and the school better. I have also learned technical skills, including how to use Excel, Piktochart, how to make leaflets, and how to write and run a blog using the university site. I gained a lot of knowledge on how a university functions, who is involved, and how funding for projects works.”