Advocate for environmentally responsible practices by creating and communicating inspiring messages.

Learning Activities

  • Students will initiate and participate in at least three approved communication activities that address chosen campus sustainability projects. (ex: visual communication strategy such as poster, Sustainable UNE Leaflet, Eco-Buzz blog article, Movements newsletter, etc., or outreach strategy such as information table or presentation, etc.)
  • Students will respond to self- reflection prompts for each of three communication strategies.

Reflection Prompts

  • Identify communication strategy 1, 2 & 3: (poster, article, etc.).
  • Explain the purpose of the communication strategy.
  • Reflect on your process in development of the communication strategy.  What went well; what could be improved; did you receive adequate feedback during the process?
  • Describe how your communication strategy (1, 2 & 3) met the intended goal.
  • Describe how your engagement in these activities help you gain competence in learning about environmental sustainability issues and support your ability to advance environmental stewardship and sustainability efforts.

Method of Assessment

  • Communication strategies will be evaluated by the Sustainability Office staff and deemed “acceptable” or not. Acceptable strategies will be published and distributed with the help of the Sustainability Office.
  • Examples of the communication strategies and summary reflections will be included in the ePortfolio for Competency #4.