Engage stakeholders and build collaborative teams to further campus sustainability initiatives.

Learning Activities

  • Students will respond to prompts in the planning and reflection stages of stakeholder engagement opportunities.
  • Students will participate in, convene, or facilitate group meetings (or portions of meetings) where sustainability initiatives are discussed and decided.

Reflection Prompts

Pre-engagement planning:

  • Identify a sustainability-related project/initiative of interest.
  • In thinking about the particular sustainability-related project or initiative, identify campus stakeholders (people or existing organizations) who could provide insight and/or approval to all aspects of the project/initiative.
  • How might you approach engaging with these stakeholders?
  • Describe the goals of your engagement.

Post- engagement reflection:

  • Name of environmental sustainability-related club/organization in which you participated:
  • Date(s) of meeting/event:
  • What applied environmental sustainability-related project(s)/initiative(s) were discussed and digested during meeting/event:
  • What was your role in the meeting(s)/event(s):
  • Describe the relationships you formed during the meeting(s)/event(s) that help enhance your engagement?  Who was present and how did you interact with them to deepen your engagement?
  • How will your engagement with this sustainability-related club/organization expand your knowledge, development and enhanced skills to advance campus sustainability initiatives? *

Culminating engagement reflection:

  • Identify continued stakeholder meetings attended, convened or facilitated for the purposes of advancing a particular sustainability-related project/initiative.  (Group(s), date(s))
  • What was your role in the meeting(s)/event(s):
  • Reflect on your experiences with stakeholder engagement by providing insights into your expanded knowledge, development, and enhanced skills gained through your active engagement. *
  • Describe how your engagement in these activities help you gain competence in learning about environmental sustainability issues and support your ability to advance environmental stewardship and sustainability efforts? *

Method of Assessment

  • Reflections will be reviewed by the Assistant Director of Sustainability Office and deemed “acceptable” or not.
  • Acceptable summary reflections will be included in the ePortfolio for Competency #4.