I’ve had several students write with questions that I think others would also benefit from hearing. I realized that having a class blog would help the situation. Please send me your questions here and I’ll answer so everyone can see! I’ll start by posting some of the questions that have already been asked and my responses:

How should we be documenting the “communication” component that was substituted from the project presentation? This was worth 10 points, but how do we show it?

Hopefully you have been in communication with me over the past 5 weeks about your project proposal. Either you have set up a private Zoom with me, or checked in during class time. I’m looking for some reflection on what has worked for you, what you got out of it, how you incorporated feedback, etc. Basically I’m awarding 6 points if you have been on Zoom with me during this time and actually done the communication, and another 4 points if you have reflected on it and provided the reflection in your ePortfolio.

What is the difference between the two reflections about the project proposal? (from Spence)

1st reflection regarding the rough draft, some writing prompts – what did you learn in the process of developing your proposal? were there specific sections that you struggled with more than others and why? was it challenging to work with a partner on the project idea but write it separately and how did you overcome that difficulty? what parts would have been easier with greater instruction about ahead of time? what questions should you have asked in preparation?

2nd reflection after receiving feedback and regarding refinement of your final draft can be an expansion on any of these statements – “wow, I totally misunderstood what I was supposed to do there, but now I get it” or “I understood what I was supposed to do, but needed to put in more detail” or “this was a lot harder than I expected and I should get in touch with SASC for help with the writing portion now that I know more about what level is expected” or “I nailed it and feel really confident that I can add project proposals to the list of things that I’m accomplished at” etc.  – It’s not about what you like and don’t like about the assignment, it’s about what you learned through the process of writing your draft, getting feedback and then taking a second stab at it.

Should we include any outlines with the rough draft to show proof of writing process? (from Julia)

No, that’s fine. Since I changed the requirements so that everyone has to turn in a rough draft, that will be sufficient to earn those points.

Where should I submit my project proposal? (from Annika, Brennan, Olivia and others)

Please send it to me electronically by email. Word document is fine. You can also share it with me if you did it on google docs, but I need to be able to print it.

What should be included in the reflection about the rough draft? (from Annika, Nicole and others)

The reflection on the first draft should be anything that seems appropriate – how hard was it to write, what areas do you feel confident in versus struggles you had, ah-ha moments in the process, links you found that helped from STARS or screenshots from the reports section of STARS, or your Case Study, etc.

Should I upload the rough draft to my ePortolio?

This is where you need to be thinking about your ePortfolio assignment and grade. While it is not required for your Project Proposal grade, the overall look and content of the ePortfolio should be considered. In other words, you should have 4 tabs for your ENV240 work. If your Final Project tab doesn’t have much, you might want to take a screen shot or upload it or something to “complete the look” of that tab.

You said collaborate on ideas, but can we share a google doc to write the proposal?

NO! You could collaborate on google docs to draft a brief outline to make sure you are both including the same IDEAS, but you must submit your original writing! Do not write any section of the proposal together.

For writing process – do you want headings or transitions sentences included?

NO! Follow the proposal format as given. Do NOT turn it into an essay. Just take one section at a time and fully answer the questions.

Do we need to cite our sources? (from Nicole and Annika)

Only for the case study portion and you can do that with a link like I just showed you above. It never hurts to include a link of where you found something, though. I’m not looking for formatted sources, but if you aren’t sure, throw a link in there for me.

What criteria are you looking for in the reflection about the ePortfolio? (from Nicole and Annika)

Answer the question(s) – how has the e-portfolio enhanced your learning and/or how do you see the ePortfolio helping you in your college to career transition?