4/24/20 – Please submit your course review!

4/22/20 – Extra Credit Opportunity! Want 2 points added to your overall grade for the semester? Attend this online movie (30 minute documentary) and panel discussion (featuring our own Bethany Woodworth!) and submit a reflection to your e-Portfolio. Register here.

4/16/20 – Check out the “Recent Posts” section with “Learning from each other” for frequently asked questions from your peers and the answers to those questions.

3/27/20 – Note in your google drive “checklist to finish the semester strong” that the due dates have been revised for the project proposal. I am now asking for a rough draft (April 17) and a final draft (May 1).

3/26/20 – I’ve posted the last 2 chapter discussion questions under the 9 Elements tab and sent Zoom invitations to all the students expect to be in the discussion – these are not optional. If you have a reason for not being able to attend at that time, please send me an email and we will make alternate arrangements, otherwise I will record no participation for that chapter assignment.

3/23/20 – I’ve sent Zoom invitations to you all for “optional” class time meetings. You are ALL REQUIRED to have 1-2 Zoom meetings with me to finish the project proposal. You can either attend these Zoom meetings, or make another appointment with me soon! Must make the appointment SOON – SOON – SOON!

February – Your class grades can be accessed through Blackboard. Please check periodically to make sure you are in good standing. I will use email to convey specific feedback, so make sure to check email regularly as well!

January – Welcome to the Sustainability Lab!

This course is designed to help you achieve the following objectives:

  • Become familiar with UNE campus sustainability history and current initiatives
  • Explore the meaning of sustainability
  • Consider both individual and community level actions to curb environmental degradation and climate destabilization
  • Develop integrative skills – learn how to examine an environmental issue through multiple disciplinary perspectives
  • Develop skills in strategic planning and project management for problem-solving community challenges
  • Develop skills to craft a project proposal and advocate for its implementation
  • Develop collaborative skills, including your capacity to work with community partners
  • Develop self-reflective skills
  • Strengthen written and oral communication skills

Please see the attached syllabus for the semester, where you will find assignment due dates and class expectations.